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Apartment Complex Management

Full Service Apartment Complex Management in Utah

Since the company’s establishment in 1914, Froerer Real Estate has always been involved in property ownership, investment, and management.

A multi-tenant facility, when properly managed, should accomplish capital improvement projects annually. With us, you get premier apartment complex management in Utah.

We guarantee that you get straightforward pricing—no hidden costs. Our commitment to transparency is part of the reason we have lasted a century.

Other notable inclusions of our full-service management for apartments are:

Tenant Screening and Applications

We understand the importance of getting the right people to occupy the space you are offering, which is why we provide effective tenant screening services to make sure that you prevent potential risk and future liability, as well as the prevalence of evictions.

Local and National Marketing

Our services include advertising your real estate property on top rental platforms, as we pursue an aggressive online presence to give you greater exposure. Note that more than half of our move-ins are from people outside the area or from other states.

Maintenance and Support

Our 24/7 maintenance services ensure that we can offer assistance any time you need it. In addition, we have a maintenance plan that designed to enhance and retain your investment.

We are passionate about helping our clients with their property portfolios. Our main goal is to get you the best returns and maintain that investment for better ROI in the future.

Call us today and we will be glad to assist you in your apartment complex management needs in Utah.

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