3 Week Evictions

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The best way to avoid an eviction is by doing a better job on the tenant screening, we realize that and will always caution against placing a risky tenant in your property.  Unfortunately, evictions till happen occasionally, and we’re able to have the process complete for you quickly and affordably (on average 3 weeks).

How are the evictions taken care of so QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY?

We work together with an attorney who has offered us a discounted rate. Once the attorney has your eviction, we don’t just leave it in their hands and consider our job done.  We follow up with them to ensure that the eviction is being handled properly and promptly.  Such care includes the following:

  • Daily contact with the courts to ensure an expedited eviction
  • Eviction includes receiving a judgment, if any, from the court
  • The judgment is then immediately turned over to collections

Our Utah evictions are as inexpensive and fast as possible with minimal court costs to complete a legal eviction. The three most important things in an eviction are, getting the tenant out of the property so that you can start making money on it again, making the eviction as inexpensive as possible and getting a judgement on the tenant to help you collect on what you are owed. We’re able to accomplish all of this for you in a timely manner – 3 week evictions (on average).

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