Utah Property Management and Investing

An Ever-changing Landscape

For many Utahns involved in utah property management, it is more by necessity than by choice.  You purchase a home, life is great, then you decide to make a career change or your career decides to make a change for you.  You are now relocating to a different city, state or even country.  This leaves you with a few options: quickly try to sell your property, leave it vacant for the time being with the plan of figuring it out sometime in the future when things settle down or rent the property out.  Depending on your financial situation there may be benefits to any of the mentioned options.  For most home owners, who will need an additional revenue source to help cover mortgage payments the option that they end up with is renting the home out.  This is usually a short term option meaning they plan on selling the Utah home within the next 5 years.  

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Utah Property Management Tip!

There are many benefits in hiring a Utah property management company to help you achieve your financial goals when dealing with a short term rental property in Utah.  Your professional management company will give you access to better marketing as well as tenant application and pre qualification processes.  Also an experienced property manager in Utah will know the local market and help you price it well so you can get top dollar with little to no vacancy time.  When placing a tenant in the property, as the time nears that you are interested in selling the home it is important to time the end of the lease so that it will end at the optimal time to sell the Utah rental property.  The perfect time can be different for every market and a quality Utah property management company will help you identify and coordinate your lease to line up with that.  If the property manager that you are dealing with is also involved in real estate sales in Utah they can market the property for rent prior to it becoming vacant and in many cases have it sold with very little vacancy time.

It is important when considering Utah property management to keep in mind what your end goal is with the property and make a plan from the beginning on how you can get there.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss options of how we can help you rent or sale your home, please feel free to give us a call at (801) 621-2121.