Qualities of a Great Property Manager

Property managerWhether in the residential or commercial realm, property management is a vital service for many homeowners looking to rent. At Froerer, our property management service has been rated the tops in Utah for years, and we have over 100 years of providing these services at a high level.

What are some of the qualities that go into making a great property manager? There are several that most people identify as important when they consider a manager – let’s look at a few.


Property managers will regularly meet confrontation without warning, and one with a cool head and a positive attitude will have a higher chance of success. A good manager needs to be able to face even tough decisions with a smile and a good attitude – those who resort to negativity will quickly find unhappy tenants. A manager needs to use generally positive terms while avoiding sounding disingenuous or sarcastic, which also won’t play well for tenants.


Attention to detail is vital for a good manager, in several areas. A manager needs to be a great listener and cater to the needs of tenants, and also needs to be good at spotting signs of trouble or issues that need to be handled before they become more serious. In addition, the property manager needs to be attentive to the needs of both the tenant and the homeowner.


It’s always easier to work with someone you can relate to, right? A property manager will deal with items that relate to the everyday lives of tenants and homeowners alike, and someone they can empathize with will go a long way.


When problems arise with a home, the property manager is usually the first person who will be dealing with them. These will often be stressful situations, and the manager needs to be able to respond calmly and rationally. The manager’s job is to calm the worries of tenants or homeowners, not contribute to them.

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