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Utah Property Management – Communication Matters

Communication matter in Utah property managementWhen an investor is looking for a Utah property management company, they typically will look at the numbers only and wonder, “How much will this cost me?”Which is an important question to ask, but a better one is “What value will I get in return for the cost?” I can go to a burger joint and buy a hamburger for $1. Just because it’s the cheapest, it doesn’t make it a good hamburger.

No matter if you own one property or many units, as a real estate investor, it’s crucial to select a Utah property management company that has excellent communication. As you’re going through the process of choosing a company, allow some time to pass for you to get a feel for how well a property management company communicates. Keep in mind the following questions: Is it difficult it is to get in contact with your property manager? How long does it take them to respond to a voicemail? How long does it take them to respond to an email? If you’re getting poor results early on in the selection process, these red flags can spell a disaster later when it really matters.

Solid follow through to your questions and concerns is necessary, and it should be done in a timely manner. If the only time you hear from your Utah property management company is when you call them, you may want to consider another company. If you find yourself anxiously waiting for answers, this may be a red flag to switch companies as well.

What type of communication do you prefer? And does your property management company cater to your needs? Do you prefer email, text, phone calls, letters, or faxes? When selecting a Utah property management company, establish early on how you would prefer to communicate and ensure that the management company is capable and willing to work with your preferred form of communication. Getting this squared away upfront, will help eliminate potential headaches or growing pains that you may experience when you have questions or concerns with your property.

Utah tends to attract a large number of investors and owners who live out of the state, and many also live out of the country. This is due to Utah being home to several Military bases as well as a family oriented atmosphere that encourages people to leave roots here while they may move away for a time. High-value real estate in neighboring states also contributes to the high number of out-of-state investors. As a result, it’s absolutely vital for a Utah property management company to be current with technology. Especially, technology that promotes the most-convenient and quickest communication.

Communication is obviously just one facet of choosing a Utah property management company. Don’t forget to check out our other valuable property management tips and ideas.

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