Avoiding Winter Pitfalls In Utah Property Management

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Utah Winter Property ManagementUtah property management has its challenges – continually changing weather conditions is a major issue that makes having a quality property management company a necessity for the Utah area.  Frozen pipes, flooding basements, and ice dams on the roof are just a few of the many things to look out for.

As winter approaches it is important to stay ahead of the weather and be prepared for the upcoming drop in temperature.  A property management company in Utah will be aware of what steps to take to ensure your home is well cared for – whether the home is vacant or has a tenant occupying it.  There are some basic steps for treacherous winter pitfalls that should be carefully considered with your property:

  • Coordinate an annual winter HVAC system check up with your Utah property manager. To many, this may seem unnecessary, however, preventative maintenance when it comes to property management in an area with different seasons and very dramatic ups and downs in temperature, can have a lasting effect on the time that a furnace will last, which can translate into thousands of dollars being spent much earlier than is necessary.
  • Have your Utah property manager verify that heat tape is in place and functioning. Heat tape can prevent ice dams from forming and forcing ice under your roof shingles. It can also prevent damage to rain gutters as well as ice build up on the ground where down spouts meet the ground.  A qualified Utah property management company will be able to get you bids on installation or for repairs if necessary on the heat tape for your home.   Your property manager will also be able to give you insights on where the most effective placement would be for the heat tape.
  • Schedule timely walk-through inspections on a vacant home by your property manager. If you are not in the area, it is especially important to have someone who is going through your home on a regular basis while vacant.  During the winter months if a furnace stopped working, or a pipe near a wall isn’t getting sufficient heat, the sooner someone sees the problem and can get it fixed the less damage will occur.  Your property manager will keep you informed of potential problems and can maintain the heat in your property at a level that can prevent costly damage.

Many of these items may seem like common sense, but they are often times overlooked when properties are rented out or vacant. Your property management company is the best resource you can have to help protect your investment and ensure it will provide a source of income for you and your family for the future.

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